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Las Nogas is the third film in Catya Plate’s stop-motion tetralogy, ten years in the making. Set 500 years in the future, the Earth is enduring a prolonged drought, prompting survivors to work towards restoring the planet. The story revolves around Doctor Alma, voiced by Misty Lee − a fluffy, brilliant Vulkeet (a cross between a parakeet and vulture) who drives a Vespa, who must cure the only creatures left who can save the world by bringing back the rain – the bizarre and loveable Homeys who have fallen ill with a mysterious sickness.

We’re so happy to say that this is not the end as Catya is already working on the stop-motion feature ALMA! Where Alma, all her friends and new ones are coming back for a new adventure. Hopefully it will only take another five years. Catya said she will keep us posted. 😉

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